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The wound is the place where the light enters you.  ~Rumi


My name is Robert, but I often go by the nickname of Bob. I grew up in Connecticut. I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, an M.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and I've lived in Austin ever since. I've worked as a structural engineer for 32 years doing bridge design, bridge inspection and software design. The last 25 years I have traveled around Texas doing bridge inspection as a consultant.



Healing Path

I contracted Lyme disease in Connecticut in 1975 when I was 14. I had strange symptoms over the years, but nobody could ever diagnose the problem. In 2001 I got another Lyme infection through a tick bite, and a 14-year journey began through physical, emotional and spiritual healing. As of 2016, I have recovered fully and have written a book about it. I got dragged kicking and screaming into emotional healing because I needed it to heal physically, but emotional healing was what I needed most. And it is the secret to healing chronic illness. No one is talking about emotional healing, and most don't know how to do it, so I wrote the book, "How to Beat Chronic Lyme: Through Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing,". I regularly give talks on how to deal with chronic Lyme using alternative medicine and emotional healing, and I run a meetup group called Austin Chronic Illness Recovery to assist people on their healing journeys.


Spiritual Path

I had a brief spiritual awakening in 1984 while in graduate school, but did not recognize it as such. It would be a while before things came back around. While progressing through my healing path with Lyme, I got on the spiritual path in 2008, and felt drawn to study various energy healing modalities. I am certified in Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Holographic Sound Healing, Lightwave, Ki Iki Jutsu, and Access Consciousness Bars. Nothing really resonated with me, until 2013 when I began practicing the Bars Technique of Access Consciousness, which is a healing modality where light touch is used on people's heads to release blocked emotional energy out of their bodies. I found that I had a great deal of healing energy coming through my hands, and this modality suited my gift. In 2014 I began practicing energy healing work publicly.


As of 2016, the energy coming through me is expanding. This not only enhances the effect of the Bars technique, but another much more powerful healing energy is coming through as well which has its own intelligence and knows how to heal. I am a very clear conduit for this energy which I call Divine Coherence Energy. I am still exploring what it can do, but the feedback from clients is extraordinary. In mid-2015 I began doing volunteer energy healing work with veterans and found that my work was very helpful with PTSD. I am working more now with people who have PTSD and emotional trauma.


I love to travel, especially to sacred sites around the world. I am fascinated with ancient spiritual traditions as I believe there is much more to our planet's history than we have been led to believe. I travel to as many of these sites as I can. Each has its own amazing energy.

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