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Through Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing



Starting in alternative medicine with a damaged immune system, Robert made progress over the years by trying numerous modalities, but when his physical healing stalled in 2011, he went into emotional healing after learning that emotional issues are the underlying cause of illness. In 2015, he spent a year learning the spiritual principle of nonresistance, which was the last piece of the healing puzzle. 



Robert Groleau had Lyme disease for 25 years without knowing it, before being diagnosed in 2001. Then after 2.5 years of conventional medical treatment failed, his doctor told him it was time to stop treatment and learn to accept his illness. So, he went to alternative medicine to continue on a 14-year journey through physical, emotional and spiritual healing in order to fully recover. He has learned how to heal himself on many levels and shares his insights in this book.


Emotional issues are the "elephant in the room" that nobody talks about in chronic illness. They are the underlying cause of illness, and resolving them will take your healing to a new level. So why do people avoid dealing with them? They don't really know how. Doctors don't talk about it much. Therapy costs a lot of money and often doesn't help much, so the options appear limited. This book breaks down and simplifies the whole process. Robert discusses what he did, how it worked, and how you can do it without spending a lot of money. 

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When an illness is part  of your spiritual journey, no medical intervention can heal you until your spirit has begun to make the changes that the illness was designed to inspire.     ~Carolyn Myss

The Book:

Part I : Physical Healing

Describes Robert's 14-year journey through many alternative medicine modalities after reaching a dead end with conventional medicine. To treat chronic Lyme you must treat many other issues as well as Lyme. You must also treat Lyme co-infections, parasites, fungus, viruses, toxins and heavy metals as they all conspire to help make Lyme resistant to treatment. Once you've acquired all these other issues, the Lyme infection may no longer be your biggest problem.


What do you do if you cannot get off of Lyme medication because your immune system has been damaged, and every time you try, Lyme comes right back? Learn how damaging your gut flora, which is about 70% of your immune system, can overwhelm your body with health issues, and how to work your way back from that. Understand why your gut flora was probably weak even before you became sick. Find out about herbal protocols for Lyme that do not harm gut flora. Learn how to treat parasites. Learn about liver flushes, dental issues, heavy metal chelation, dietary issues, nervous system problems and more. A list of the best resources that Robert discovered such as practitioners, books and websites are provided at the end of each part of the book.


Part II : Emotional Healing

Ten years into Robert's healing path he hit an impasse. He had not had any improvements in two years. It was then that he began to learn that emotional issues were the underlying cause of all illness, so he began emotional healing to try to move his healing path forward. The physical and emotional aspects of the body are deeply connected. Doctors are beginning to realize this. Famed psychologist Alice Miller has written books that document numerous case studies backing up this connection. A scientific study, the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) Study, from 1995-1997 on 17,000 people was the largest study ever done on the effects of ACE's. It demonstrated that ACE's are quite common and not just the result of violent abuse in broken homes. Most people have these issues, and people with chronic illness have more of them. And the more ACE's a person has, the more likely they are to have significant health problems throughout their entire lives. Emotional healing is not part of our medical paradigm, yet when an illness does not resolve through ordinary means after years of treatment, it is time to look for deeper causes. The fact is that the energy of blocked emotional issues accumulates in your body and works directly against your body's efforts to heal itself. If the emotional issues are deep enough, medical treatment alone will not resolve an illness until the emotional issues are sufficiently resolved.

Health issues have an emotional, as well as physical, aspect. For example, the emotional issue related to intestinal parasites is "giving your power away," which is related to poor boundaries and the inability to say no. A person with internal parasites will also have external parasites...those people they have parasitic relationships with who continually impose on them because they can't say no. The emotional issue and the physical issue go together, and it may be difficult or impossible to resolve the physical issue without addressing the emotional one.

Emotions are just energy that wants to run through your body. But when you suppress or avoid emotions, that energy gets stuck in your body. And when you do this over and over throughout your life, this energy builds up. It is this stuck energy which threatens your health.

Few books break down the entire process of how emotional issues are formed, how they affect your health, how to recognize them, how to heal them, and what results you can expect in a way that is easy to understand for someone beginning this process. This book does that, and shows you how to heal yourself without therapy or spending much money. People seem prepared to do anything to avoid looking at their emotional issues, yet the emotional realm is where the healing breakthroughs will be found. If your body requires emotional healing, then you have to deal with it before you can heal physically. You don't have the choice to skip it because you don't like it. Emotional healing is what took Robert past his healing impasse and led to a full recovery.


Part III : Spiritual Healing

There is a saying that "your body can heal anything, but you have to get your mind out of the way first." If long-term emotional issues were a cause of your illness, what happens when you have been ill for years without getting better? After years of futility and spending a lot of money your thoughts can turn toward hopelessness, sadness, fear, anger and desperation, on top of your physical suffering. Robert was sick for eight years before starting to feel better. Do you really think that these thoughts and emotions that churn in your body continually, 24/7, do not affect your physical health? This creates new emotional issues which suffocate your body's innate healing ability. This is the last thing anyone would want to do, and most are unaware they are even doing it, because few consider the impact of emotional issues on health. How can you stop this, and get your mind out of the way? Positive thinking won't help. It would be impossible to keep that up while suffering daily for long periods. In chapter 20 learn how to use your suffering to heal you instead of it keeping you sick. You do this by making a minor change in the focus of your suffering, and it will then clear the toxic emotional energy.

Trying to heal a physical illness while constantly building up toxic emotional energy is like trying to clean up a polluted lake without shutting off the pipes dumping toxic sewage into the lake. If you don't shut off the source you're wasting your time.


When you heal the emotional issues underlying your illness, the foundation starts to crack, and eventually the whole illness structure will crumble. You already have enough physical healing tools. What you need is to remove the obstacles that prevent them from working properly.


This book provides a roadmap out of chronic Lyme. When you combine the methods of physical healing from Part I, with the emotional healing methods of Parts II & III, you have a blueprint for healing which can be used by anyone. Few people consider emotional healing as part of the equation, yet few people recover from a long-term case of chronic Lyme like Robert had, especially with a damaged immune system. If not for emotional healing he would not have recovered. He had gone around in circles with physical protocols that provided no improvement. After significant work on emotional issues, those same physical protocols suddenly became effective.


New medical technologies are not the answer. The secret is going after the real causes of illness in the emotional realm. And you can do this. Healing is no longer just about going to a doctor to get medication. You need to get involved. This is your body and your life. If what you are doing is not working, try something new. Full recovery is doable.


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