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Energy Healing

Bob does energy healing using light touch on the head to release emotional energy blockages which interfere with normal functioning.


Certain points on the head relate to issues, such as physical healing, joy, creativity, money, control, sexuality, peace, etc. By lightly touching these points, any build-up of emotional energy blocking the related issues will be released.


For example, when the points related to peace and calm are touched, any buildup of energy blocking a person's peace and calm are released. Some people have memories of childhood trauma come up when these points are being touched. The memories flash by as the stored energy is being released from the body.


Bob has a large amount of healing energy coming through his hands. This enhances the releasing effect of the technique, but this energy also has its own intelligence, and knows how to heal on its own. This

is the Divine Coherence Energy. This is an additional effect on top of the technique.

This work helps heal PTSD—Bob has been working with a lot of veterans with PTSD, and they consistently report a benefit from his work. The energy works on repairing the nervous system. People sometimes fall asleep during a session. They often see colors and have a sensation of connections being made in their brains. Intuitives can feel the release of emotional issues from their bodies during a session. The release is often accompanied by memories associated with the emotional issues. A session is an energy transmission. Talking is not necessary.


Bob can do sessions long distance. Email for a session.

Divine Coherence Energy






PTSD    Stress     Emotional Trauma     Addiction



Bob Groleau

Energy Healing


Individual Session  -  30 minutes:  $50       Call or email to schedule.  (In-person or remote)


"I didn't know what to expect, so I was surprised to see myself completely relax the moment Bob began his treatment.  Almost as if time stood still, I was very aware of each move, yet I kept deepening with his touch.  There was a moment where my head felt like it expanded as ribbons of light seemed to rewire my brain.  I felt clarity, balance and a sense of expansion upon completion of his treatment!  Bob truly has a gift!"


Patti Tucker, Intuitive Practitioner

Edmonton, Canada



"During my Bars session with Bob I felt a multitude of sensations.  At the beginning, I felt a little burst of energy in my head.  As we continued, the sensation moved through my nervous system.  About halfway through the session I felt energy pulses traveling through my brain and what felt like connections being made.  As this happened, my body completely relaxed and I saw memories fly by quickly, followed by color.  After the session I continued to feel these sensations for about 24 hours."


Bridgette Bullington, Medical Intuitive

Beaumont, Texas



"Because of the continual stress in my life, I receive biweekly treatments from Bob Groleau.  His energy work provides clarity and an uplifting peaceful state inside of me, and allows me to fully let go of all emotional blocks.  With an unusual technique, you'll find his work is reliable and effective, providing the relief that anyone could need.  Anyone would find his treatments to be amazing."


Donna Felthousen

Austin, Texas



"I have received just two healing sessions from Bob Groleau, and can say with gratitude that even after the first session, which lasted about 30 minutes, there was years of emotionally stored pain released. When witnessing the Bars Technique being given to a client, it is difficult to imagine what it is or how it helps. After just a few moments of receiving the Bars Technique, one experiences a deep sense of relaxation and release. It is very gentle, and non-invasive. I felt as though I was traveling and through that traveling, undoing lifetimes of emotional storage. By the end of the first session, I felt lighter, decades of chronic back pain was relieved and my thought patterns seemed to have changed into a more lighthearted processing. This session seemed focused on more physical release. The second session, about 10 days later, sent me into a more calm sense of being. The points on the skull are touched gently, and they correspond to categories of one's life and development that have contributed to emotional pain being held in the body and mind. I highly recommend the Bars Technique to anyone interested in release and emotional healing."


Folade Speaks, Reiki Master Teacher

Austin, Texas

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